Tradition for 250 years

The Marionette Theatre Palace Schonbrunn performs world-famous operas, musicals and fairy tales according to an old tradition. The theatre is located at Palace Schönbrunn. All puppets and stage elements are handmade. The playing technique is officially an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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The two founders and artistic directors Christine Hierzer-Riedler and Werner Hierzer look back on over 40 years of international experience in the art of puppet playing.

The marionettes, the costumes and the set designs are produced in cooperation with prominent directors, stage and costume designers in the in-house workshops.

Two well-trained teams make it possible to perform in the theatre in Schönbrunn and at the same time on international tours.


We have been to (selection):

Athens, Brussels, Florence, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Mexico City, Montreal, New York, Paris, Beijing, Rome, Seoul, Shanghai, Stratford and many more.

In order to play a puppet it needs a training of approx. 1-2 years. After that it takes years for perfection and really bring the puppet to life. The whole ensemble of the Marionettentheater Schloss Schönbrunn was trained by Christine Hierzer-Riedler and Werner Hierzer and plays over 300 performances every year.